Boris Steffen (Trumpet) Boris Steffen’s interest in playing the trumpet began around the age of two, when according to his parents, he would snap to attention every time he heard one being played.  Given that he was not much bigger than the size of a full-sized trumpet, however, Boris had to wait to begin his formal study until the age of nine, when after exploring his grandmother’s attic; he stumbled on the trumpet of his late grandfather, who years earlier had been a professional trumpet player and orchestra leader. Read More>>
George Kelakos (Lead Guitar) Born in Boston and currently residing in Greenwich, Conn., George took up the six-string at age 12. George studied Flamenco guitar in Herzliya Pituach, Israel from a teacher who also had a passion for American and British rock. Read More>>
Mitch Ryan (Lead Vocals) Born in Los Angeles, Mitch Ryan was swept up in the musical movement of the 60s. Watching a local garage band play “Satisfaction” was his first inspiration. At age 14 he started a band called “Body Mind and Soul”, where he played guitar and sang lead. By age 18 he had been singing and playing guitar in a number of bands doing covers of the Stones, Who, Cream, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. Read More>>
Michael Richman (Piano) Michael Richman had a doting grandmother who wanted her grandson to play the piano. Without knowing if he had any ability, she purchased a cheap, used upright, and classical piano lessons began at age nine. Richman soon discovered that he could play by ear, and amused himself and his family by figuring out how to play popular songs simply by listening to them on the radio, something he enjoyed much more than practicing his classical lessons. Read More>>
Tom Salerno (Drums) Tom Salerno has been smacking the drumskins since he was 10 years old. Tom's father and grandfather were both professional drummers--Tom's first drum set was given to him by his grandfather (and he fervently wishes he still had it as it was a classic). Tom's father--Tommy "Roy" Salerno--played in clubs, did studio work and Broadway shows, and trained Tom (but is in no way responsible for his misbeats). Read More>>
Dillon Jackson (Autoharp, Pedal Steel Guitar) Dillon Jackson, of Seattle, Wash., has been playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and autoharp since in high school. He was inspired by a folk singing lawyer friend of the family when he was a child. Acoustic guitar was his instrument of choice until the early eighties when a local group of lawyers formed a bluegrass band. Read More>>
Steven Golick (Keyboards, Organ, Synthesizer) Steven studied classical piano with several teachers in Montreal from the age of 4 to 12 before he turned to the dark side, and started playing rock. He played in bar, club and private function bands over the next six years in Canada in a variety of genres, including pop, rock, funk, blues and country. Read More>>
Jordon Kroop (Keyboards, Organ, Mouth Harp) Jordan has played piano since age six. He trained classically, at times at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, and was a two-time finalist in the Maryland State Piano Competition as a teenager. After venturing into jazz and pop music in college, Jordan was a pianist with the Brown University Jazz Band, and led his own jazz group, Body & Soul, at venues throughout New England. Read More>>
John Good (Trombone, Bass, Percussion) In spite of his duties as a Meeting Planner for the American Bankruptcy Institute, John maintains an active musical career. Against his parents’ fervent protests, he earned his Bachelors of Music Management, and pursued a career in non-profit arts administration, working for venues including The Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, The Washington Ballet, The Lone Star Performing Arts Association and Blues Alley. Read More>>
Andy Caine (Alto Sax) A past President of the American Bankruptcy Institute, SoCal-cool alto saxophone player Andy Caine boasts of no professional experience whatsoever! He received training in the bass guitar, guitar and keyboards. A veteran of various block parties in southern California, charity events and bar band gigs, Andy is also a lyricist extraordinaire (though not yet discovered for his art). Read More>>
Jack Esher (Bass and Acoustic Guitar) Bassist and guitarist Jack Esher resides in Massachusetts, where he was born in 1950. After graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1977, he remained in San Francisco for several years and was a songwriting member of two San Francisco rock bands in the 80’s, before returning to New England. Read More>>
Steven Rhodes (Rhythm Guitar) Steve's father was an accomplished classical guitarist and so at age 15, Steve just could not resist the temptation to pick up his guitar and try it out. Of course, in the 60's, folk and rock interested him much more than classical, so dad taught him a few chords and finger-picking techniques. Read More>>
Ted Gavin (Rhythm Guitar) Ted’s been at least partially musical for most of his life. Playing bassoon, trombone, guitar and tuned percussion in high school provided for a thoroughly unexciting personal life but led Ted to pursue a career in music. Attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Ted majored in Music Education and Music Theory, pursued conducting studies with Richard VanStone, Leonid Grin and Leonard Bernstein and held conducting positions with the University of the Arts New Music Ensemble, the Delaware County (Pennsylvania) Youth Orchestra and the Greater Princeton (New Jersey) Youth Orchestra. Read More>>