Jack Esher (Bass and Acoustic Guitar)

Bassist and guitarist Jack Esher resides in Massachusetts, where he was born in 1950. After graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1977, he remained in San Francisco for several years and was a songwriting member of two San Francisco rock bands in the 80’s, before returning to New England. A veteran of the late sixties folk scene in Boston and Cambridge, Jack studied classical guitar and lute before settling in with his six string and bass. He is a member of Boston-based Whose Muddy Shoes, an acoustic four-person group performing original and cover material around New England with an album due out in spring, 2005. The group began as a six-person band, emphasizing blues, vintage rock and folk-rock, with its first album released in 1995.A professional mediator, he is occasionally called upon to mediate disputes among band members about who should sing what vocal part and who should take which solo, and affably listens through jokes about lawyers at gigs while ensuring that the band partnership agreement provides him with total control over the group and its assets.