John Good (Trombone, Bass, Percussion)

In spite of his duties as a Meeting Planner for the American Bankruptcy Institute, John maintains an active musical career. Against his parents’ fervent protests, he earned his Bachelors of Music Management, and pursued a career in non-profit arts administration, working for venues including The Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, The Washington Ballet, The Lone Star Performing Arts Association and Blues Alley. After learning the hard way that non-profit art is just that, (Thanks Mom and Dad!), he tread the dark waters of arts consulting, artist management, booking agency and the “entertainment industry.” As a freelance producer, John has presented two JazzTimes Conferences, two Jazzin’ Virginia Conventions, four cable TV specials, and is the six–time producer of the INDIE Awards - the Grammies for independent music. Along the way he founded the Virginia Jazz Service Organization, Good Management Group and GMG Events. He currently performs regularly in and around the nation’s capital. A musical mercenary, on any given day you might find him sitting in a recording studio, a jazz club, a dinner theatre, a church, a symphony hall, or out standing in a field (at a bluegrass or Celtic festival). Oddly enough, the Indubitable Equivalents is his first rock-n-roll gig. His parents are still shaking their heads.