Jordan Kroop (Keyboards, Organ, Mouth Harp)

Jordan has played piano since age six. He trained classically, at times at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, and was a two-time finalist in the Maryland State Piano Competition as a teenager. After venturing into jazz and pop music in college, Jordan was a pianist with the Brown University Jazz Band, and led his own jazz group, Body & Soul, at venues throughout New England. While at Brown, Jordan performed with such internationally renowned jazz artists as Joe Henderson and Toshiko Akiyoshi. He also composed and recorded a jazz score for a feature animated film. Enough years later to be embarrassing, while maintaining a legal career, Jordan performs regularly with T. Lex, a rock and party band in Phoenix, and occasionally with other rock, jazz and R&B groups in Arizona. Jordan absolutely loves baseball -- seriously, it's not even normal. It's like an obsession. He needs help.