Michael Richman (Piano)

Michael Richman had a doting grandmother who wanted her grandson to play the piano. Without knowing if he had any ability, she purchased a cheap, used upright, and classical piano lessons began at age nine. Richman soon discovered that he could play by ear, and amused himself and his family by figuring out how to play popular songs simply by listening to them on the radio, something he enjoyed much more than practicing his classical lessons. Around the same time, he was recruited by his school to play tuba, and went on to play the tuba in concert, marching and jazz bands (including state competitions) for the next nine years, while continuing piano. He also wrote original musical compositions and recorded a demo that was submitted (unsuccessfully) to several record companies. At Vassar College, he was a campus fixture at the piano, playing rock and popular music at parties around campus. During his junior year in London, he joined his first rock band and played a few pubs. Upon his return to college for his senior year, he joined with a guitar player/singer and the duo, known as "Michael & Elias," had numerous gigs on and off campus, including local bars and nearby colleges. Richman then followed the path of law (and later, bankruptcy law), while continuing to play piano for friends and family. A few years ago, he started again to collaborate with other musicians and performers. He is the keyboardist with a rock-and-roll band in southern Westchester County, New York, known as the "Barely Players" (performing at local clubs and bars), and is the musical director for a community theater. Richman has also for many years been gathering, singing and playing with ABI members at pianos in hotel lobbies late at night after the formal ABI conference programming has concluded. It was during these late night sessions (some of which included Mitch Ryan) that the idea for the Indubitable Equivalents was born. Richman expresses his profound gratitude to his family for putting up with it all (and at least acting like they enjoy it). For his day job, he is a senior bankruptcy partner in the New York office of Patton Boggs LLP.