Mitch Ryan (Lead Vocals)

Born in Los Angeles, Mitch Ryan was swept up in the musical movement of the 60s. Watching a local garage band play “Satisfaction” was his first inspiration. At age 14 he started a band called “Body Mind and Soul”, where he played guitar and sang lead. By age 18 he had been singing and playing guitar in a number of bands doing covers of the Stones, Who, Cream, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. He finally convinced the best guitar player in town to join him and a (Clapton style) rhythm section to form a band called “Body Mind and Soul II.” Delving deeper into soul and blues, as well as writing many original tunes, the band had its pinnacle jamming along with Ike Turner and James Brown at the ROXY in Hollywood, after winning the opportunity in a “Battle of the Bands” contest. Throughout his Army service and during his college years, Mitch often played for fun with local bands and later resurfaced as a solo act, singing and playing guitar in Los Angeles nightclubs. After working with, and being inspired by the pro-level artists of the “Indubitable Equivalents,” Mitch is currently working with local Los Angeles bands to create “Body Mind and Soul III." Until his Lotto numbers hit, or the “Indubitable Equivalents” get their first record contract, Mitch will keep his day job as the Director of Sales & Marketing with EPIQ, serving the national insolvency community as a claims and noticing agent.