Steven Rhodes (Rhythm Guitar)

Steve's father was an accomplished classical guitarist and so at age 15, Steve just could not resist the temptation to pick up his guitar and try it out. Of course, in the 60's, folk and rock interested him much more than classical, so dad taught him a few chords and finger-picking techniques. Almost immediately, Steve was serenading his future wife, Kathy, with such classics as "Sound of Silence," "Eve of Destruction," "Sloop John B." and many others that just made her heart flutter... Well, in what seemed like only a nanosecond later, Steve was playing at his daughter Marjie's Bat Mitzvah and then his daughter Sara's wedding. By then Steve had graduated from to a Martin steel string, which is the guitar he used to break into the Indubies. He now hammers on a Tayor T5, a very sweet instrument, more suited to playing 3 straight hours, anytime of the day or night. In the meantime, "Grandpa" Steve has begun to work his guitar magic on his granddaughter, Ava, with totally rapt results... Steve is the chief bankruptcy judge in Detroit and vice president of research for the ABI.