Tom Salerno (Drums)


Tom Salerno has been smacking the drumskins since he was 10 years old. Tom's father and grandfather were both professional drummers--Tom's first drum set was given to him by his grandfather (and he fervently wishes he still had it as it was a classic). Tom's father--Tommy "Roy" Salerno--played in clubs, did studio work and Broadway shows, and trained Tom (but is in no way responsible for his misbeats). Tom plays on his father's drum kit--a vintage Radio King Slingerland black pearl set that was new in 1946 (he has the original receipt for the kit). The kit, which hasn't been made since the 1950s, was given to after his dad passed away in 1992. Tom has performed in bands ranging from country rock, classic rock and jazz, and acted as a studio player to assorted musicians throughout college. Tom put away his sticks after graduation from law school in 1982, foolishly assuming the practice of law and playing music were mutually exclusive. He soon the urge rekindled, which resulted in his formation of a series of bands in Phoenix starting in 1993. Tom currently plays with T. Lex (a band he founded along with his law partner Jordan Kroop), performing classic rock throughout Phoenix.